About me

Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Michael Scioch, I'm a software developer and provide remote programming services for companies from all over the world.

I have been a professional programmer since 1997. I started to work when I was still a student of computer science faculty, from which I graduated in 2000. For 10 years I have run my own company Starsoft Multimedia, through which I provide services for companies and run my own projects.

Computer programming is my passion. I love creating new software and fix issues in already existing applications. I do not see myself in any other industry, as my work requires constant use of creativity and imagination. Transforming ideas and concepts into operational applications, designing algorithms and data structures, looking for hidden solutions to encountered problems - this is the essence of my current work and what I want to keep doing.

I have extensive theoretical and practical knowledge on object oriented programming and relational databases. I write software in PHP, Javascript, C++. I know Prado and jQuery very well. I am familiar with and I follow the common web standards.

I love what I do and when I undertake to do something, I do this well and thoroughly. Tens of companies trusted me with their software issues, all of which I successfully solved. More than 1,700 companies purchased my Adobe Director plugins to boost their profits. Apart from that, I am a creator and owner of a commercial foreign language e-learning platform, currently used by more than 30,000 members.

If you want to know more about me: I live in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland. I am happily married with three great kids - two boys and one girl. I love playing chess, tinkering and countryside biking.

But let us come back to professional matters. If you are in need of a developer who knows his way around web applications, understands WordPress API and uses it with ease to create templates, themes and plugins, do not hesitate to contact me right now. I am always open to new work and challenges. Read the scope of my services, browse my portfolio and the list of clients. You can find more details about me in my resume (available also in PDF). Send me an email or use the contact form. I will always reply to your message!

Michael Scioch

About Michael
I am a specialist in designing databases and programming web applications. I have 15-year experience in writing commercial software. I work for European and US IT companies as a subcontractor and for end clients.
My services
I create or improve applications in PHP+MySQL+jQuery. I provide professional services in WordPress - creating fully operational websites, writing custom plugins, custom post types, templates and themes.
Contact me
If you are looking for a professional and reliable contractor for your projects or have any kind of problem with your software, contact me right now. I can solve your problem on short notice and at affordable price. My email address: